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Scientific articles

Author: Olga Pochechueva

Source of publication:

- The Advokatskaya Palata  journal N 1, 2007 – The Notion and Significance of Voluntary Representation;

-Sourcebook of the scientific and practitioner-driven conference: “Advocates. State. Society.” (“Advokatura. Gosudarstvo. Obshestvo.”) Moscow, 2007- The Federal Law On Practice of Advocacy and Advocates in the Russian Federation: Development Prospects of the Russian Bar;

-The Probely v Rossiyskom Zakonodatelstve journal  N2, 2008

- The Biznes v Zakone journal N 2, 2008-Particularities of the Advocate’s Actions on Behalf of the Accused (Suspected) Person and the Victim;

- The Advokat  journal N2, 2008 –Ethics of the Legal Profession;

Sourcebook of the scientific and practitioner-driven conference: “Advocates. State. Society. (“Advokatura. Gosudarstvo. Obshestvo.”) Moscow, 2008 - The Legal Regulation of the Activity of the Counsel for the Defense in Criminal Procedure;

The Nizhegorodskiy Advokat journal, 2009 – Advocate as the Essential Provider of Qualified Legal Assistance to Victims in Criminal Procedure;

-The Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta newspaper, 2009, N19 – The Term Expires on May 3: Nonobservance of Judicial Decisions Undermines the Authority of the State and Breaks Victims’ Rights;

- The Advokatskaya Praktika journal N2, 2009 (060)- Ethical Rules of Advocacy in Criminal Procedure;

- The Advokat journal N10, 2009 - Unsolved Problems of Representation of Victims in Criminal Procedure;

-The Advokat journal, Ukraine, N4 2008- Particularities of the Rules of Professional Ethics in the Activity of the Advocate as Counsel for the Defense and Representative in Criminal Proceedings;

-The Advokat journal, N9 2009, Protection of Victim’s Rights in Criminal Procedure;

-The Advokat journal, N9, September 2013, Concerning Evaluation of Damage Caused to Legal Entities at the Stage of Preliminary Investigation in Light of Entrepreneurial Amnesty;

-Novaya Advokatskaya gazeta N 18 as of 2013 - Indemnification


-The book (pamphlet) EMR Deliberately Directed at You, LOOM Publishers - 36 p. Moscow, 2015