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Advocate of the Chamber of Advocates of the Moscow region

At present is an advocate of the Chamber of advocates of the Moscow region. She is specialized in provision of qualified legal aid in civil and administrative law cases. She acts as a professional representative in criminal cases of the private prosecution (insult, slander, battery).

She provides legal assistance to individuals and legal entities. In the first place she handles complicated cases connected directly to banking relations, as follows: discharge of credit debts, occurrence of an insured event, decrease of contractual penalty, commission recovery, full or partial invalidation of contracts.

Moreover she pays a particular attention to controversies with developers (e.g. recognition of property rights, recovery of penalties, removal of residential property defects etc.), as well as to lawsuits in the field of protection of customers’ rights.

She started her legal studies at Altai State University in 1995. After the graduation she worked in judicial bodies and passed a long way from a secretary of judicial session to a magistrate.

She worked either in various banking organizations and judicial agencies.

During her career she has received several honorable mentions for scrupulous work recorded in her professional dossier.

Actually she is an advocate in the Moscow Bar Association.


Psychology, logics, poetry and literature consist her sphere of interests.




Chief Executive Officer of Atlantis Capital OOO IK (Internet site www.atlantiscapital.ru)


Since 2006 he has successfully practiced as a corporate advisor in the field of:

-corporate management;

- arrangements for emissions of various types;

-restructuring of assets, their securitization and launch onto markets (exchange)

Over the past years it is possible to name among his clients such companies as: RAZGULIAY OAO, ARMADA OAO, RBC OAO, ROSNO UK (ZPIFVI) 02TV OAO, BFMA OAO (ARKADA), Transcontainer OAO, Proyektnye Investitsii OAO, Glavtorgprodukt PAO.

Organization of bond-secured loans:

Borodino-Finans OOO – 2,5 bln. rubles; ARMADA OAO – 1bln. rubles, RBС OAO – 1,5 bln. rubles.

Organization of a bill of exchange program  - Petrofbank OOO (3 stages)

His services also include privatization of public legal entities and assets restructuring with further arrangements and the possibility to attract non-debt-based financing on stock markets.

Goals set by companies:

Financial goals: need to diversify the financial resources for production;   

Company modernization; payment of banking and other Debts; financing for consolidation purposes, takeovers; gaining of the “fair” market value of the company;

Supplementary goals: increase of company awareness; image improvement; decrease of advertising and promotional costs; amelioration of corporate management, creation of employees stimulating programs; getting of important orders and contracts.

In the scope of services for transfer of assets through the stock exchange market he provides the assistance as follows:

- assistance in arrangements for the transformation and reporting in accordance with IFRS and Russian Accounting Standards, including consolidated accounts; development  and creation of corporate sites for disclosure purposes;

He gives advice on various economic issues to various Russian organizations.


He brings up two children and goes in for travelling.

Hobbies: books, chess, art, music.