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Practice Areas

Provision of legal services by advocates in the civil society should be regarded as an obligatory condition of implementation of the concept of rule of law.

The legislation on the Practice of Advocacy and Advocates in the Russian Federation is based first of all on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which guarantees every person a right to qualified legal aid (paragraph 1 of art 48 of the RF Constitution).

Article 2 of the Federal Law On the Practice of Advocacy and Advocates in the Russian Federation as of 31 May 2002 N 63-FZ declares that the advocate providing his or her legal aid:

1)gives advice and information on legal issues in oral and in written form;

2)drafts statements, complaints, petitions and other legal documents;

3)acts for the client in the constitutional proceedings;

4)acts as representative in civil and administrative proceedings;

5)acts as the client’s representative or counsel for the defense in criminal proceedings or in administrative offences proceedings;

6)acts as the client’s representative in hearings in arbitrage, at international commercial arbitrage and before other conflict solving bodies;

7)represents the client’s interests before public authorities, municipal authorities, non-governmental associations and  at other organizations;

8)represents  the client’s interests before public authorities, judicial bodies and law enforcement authorities of foreign states, before international judicial bodies, non-governmental bodies of foreign states, unless otherwise provided by laws of foreign states, constitutional documents of international judicial bodies or of other international organizations or by international agreements of the Russian Federation;

9)acts as the client’s representative in  judgment execution proceedings as well as during the criminal sentence execution;

10) acts as the client’s representative in tax legal matters.

At the same time “the advocate is entitled to provide other kinds of legal assistance not prohibited by law”,(para.3 art.2 of the Federal Law on the Practice of Advocacy and Advocates in the Russian Federation)

Legal assistance provided by an advocate supposes therefore the skill to handle a case at any stage, to perceive reasonably and to form a legal opinion for the client on the case in question.

In addition conscientious and diligent approach to problems resolution, the quality of the provided legal services, as well as a can-do attitude and the lawyer’s professionalism can make the advocate services competitive, at the same time this set of features helps to solve difficult problems.

Hence, these are clients who can directly appreciate the quality of the legal assistance provided by the advocate.