Advocate of the Chamber of Advocates of  the Moscow region

She is specialized in the field of protection of victims’ rights and lawful interests in criminal procedure, as well as acts as representative in civil and arbitration procedure.

Cases concerning cyber crime and controversies in medical field are given preference.

Born on 31 May 1983 in Moscow. In 2000 she entered Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy. Being graduated from the Academy, she began her postgraduate studies at the same university.

After the defense of her thesis Particularities of the Activity of the Advocate Representing the Victim in  Russian Criminal Procedure she was engaged into research and teaching activities at the Department of Advocacy and Notary Services at Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy.

In 2003 she started her professional activity alongside the civil law studies working as an advocate’s assistant at a lawyer’s office, then proceeded as an in-house lawyer at a transport company and later at an auditing and consulting company.

She worked at various Bar associations, including the Moscow central branch office of the Moscow Region Bar Association and Sergey Mirzoev, Petr Mostovoy and Partners Moscow Bar Association.

At present she is an advocate at the Legal Bar Association "InYurCon".

She has a number of published scientific works on issues of protection of victims’ rights.


Her hobbies and interests include: painting, conchology, tourism, book reading and discovery of dog world through the prism of the Yorkshire terrier breed.